Nina Rose Peña

Wellness & Mindset Coach

Motivational Speaker

Indoor Cycling Instructor

Hi, I’m Nina!

I’m so glad you are here. I am woman committed to bringing the joy to all I do and living life on purpose. I am also committed to helping others do the exact same thing – bring more joy to your days, invite more mindful intentionality to your wellness routines, and unlocking your life on purpose.

Whether I’m working 1:1 with clients, speaking to a group, or motivating you on or off a bike to nowhere, I aim to always serve with passion, joy, and light.

As a Wellness & Mindset Coach, I meet you where you are at and walk with you to where you are going.

What is it that you do?!

I’m so glad you asked!

Personalized coaching, guidance, and support to help you meet your goals. Whether it be mindset, nutrition, movement, or recovery/stress reduction techniques, the sky is the limit.

FREE discovery calls available.

Does your group need an energetic and authentic boost? I’d love to meet you and your peeps!

I can speak on and attest to a variety of topics including wellness & mindset techniques, avoiding or defeating burnout, body positivity, and much more.

For all keynote inquiries head to the coaching services page.

Ahh, the bike to nowhere! As an indoor cycling instructor, I aim to create a space for all riders to feel empowered, motivated, and celebrated after every ride.

If you’d like to ride with me at FireCycle Abilene head to to book your bike!

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