All About “Inside Out” Wellness Coaching

Have you ever felt trapped in the endless cycle of working out, beginning (and quitting) diet programs, or seeking the next best quick fix to jumpstart your weightloss, wellness, or exercise routine? Have you started program after program only to end up feeling the pangs of failure and mistrust with food, dreading your work out, or fully defeated by not being able to finally get it together when it comes to reaching your wellness goals? 

Can I share a secret with you? Promise you won’t tell? Psst. There is so much more to life than incessant calorie counting, workouts full of exercises you don’t particularly enjoy or know how to do, dragging yourself to the gym, and 30-day programs or kickstarts. 

My approach to Wellness Coaching is what I call “inside out” because it is a little bit reversed from the way our society has approached lifestyle change, dieting, fitness, or anything when it comes to wellness. But, what exactly does this mean? Let’s break this down. 

The Ins & Outs of Inside Out Wellness Coaching. 

The health and wellness industry has done an excellent job of addressing what’s on the outside. The outward appearance is what brings many people to the multitude of workout programs, quick fixes, fad diets, and fitness gurus near and far. However, this industry has done a poor job of addressing what it is on the inside that drives this motion to change the outside. Furthermore, the industry as a whole has neglected to integrate the mind and soul into the body’s capabilities when it comes to reaching wellness goals. 

When we dive deep into an individual’s mindset we unlock his or hers’ true potential to take ownership of their past, present, and future. This looks like addressing limiting beliefs, breaking down habits and patterns, dreaming big and visualizing what exactly our ideal self would look like in total wellness (mind, body, and soul), calling out negative self-talk, and so much more. By finally addressing an individual’s mindset, we give them the ownership, awareness, and autonomy needed to pursue total wellness. 

As a Wellness and Mindset Coach, I specialize in this “Inside Out” wellness coaching as I guide clients through a series of information, mindset exercises, journaling prompts, and more tailored guidance to dispel the harmful and habitual health and fitness modalities they’ve struggled with in the past.

When I walk with my clients through 3 – 12 month customized Wellness Plans, we create space for wellness goals that are then broken down into tangible steps, habits, and building blocks to reach those wellness goals. As we dive into mindset, limiting beliefs, self-talk, confidence, and anything they struggle with, we also create space to explore those deeply ingrained thought patterns that they’ve never been able to address before when it comes to their wellness. 

The thoughts, habits, and patterns that cause them to self-sabotage their previous progress or make food the enemy are finally addressed and given space to be seen and heard. This can be alarming for some clients as they’ve never given space or grace to their inner-self. However, it is when we address the inside that we can finally unlock the outside’s potential. 

Is Inside Out  Wellness Coaching right for me?

While Inside Out Wellness Coaching can benefit many individuals and empower them to reach their fullest and most well self, it is not for everyone. Bummer, right? Let me explain. 

Inside Out Wellness Coaching is not for you if you just want to drop quick pounds before a big event like a wedding or a class reunion. It is for you if you’ve struggled with your wellness for years and are sick of the fad-diets and dreadful PDF workout programs. 

Inside Out Wellness Coaching is not for you if you just want to be told what to eat and what workouts to do. It is for you if you want to finally be in the driver’s seat of your life and take charge of your wellness once and for all. 

Inside Out Wellness Coaching is not for you if you just want to track your food until you lose the weight and then “go back to normal.” It is for you if you want to learn how to finally fuel your body from a place of love, acceptance, and learn how to eat what your body needs intuitively. 

Inside Out Wellness Coaching is for you if you want to:

  • Approach your wellness goals in a different but powerful way, 
  • Explore your inner-workings and unlock your potential, 
  • Find ways to joyfully move your body rather than dread working out
  • Dispel the diet culture myths that have plagued your mind and progress for years, 
  • Make peace with food and be able to enjoy meals without worrying about calories or feeling guilty for enjoying food, 
  • And/or if you’re ready to spend time and energy in your wellness in a way that you never have before. 

Lastly, it is for you if you know that you have an inner light that has been dimmed for far too long and is ready to shine once and for all. 

Want to learn more or see if we’d be a good match?

Reach out! By setting up a FREE Discovery Call we can take a closer look at your goals and get to know each other to see if we’d be a great match to work 1:1!

Stay well, babe. 


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