About Coaching

Mind | Body | Soul

Coaching encompasses all parts of you: everything that makes you, YOU. While 1:1 Coaching with me does get dialed down and tailored to your specific needs (whether that be intuitive eating, mindset work, body positivity, confidence, stress-reduction, or anything we can work on together), it is important to note that Coaching will address all aspects of you. We cannot separate you from your <<insert area here>> if we do not make and hold space for the other parts of you as well.

This is what makes 1:1 Coaching with me unique – we incorporate all aspects of your life in order to gain clarity, set goals, unpack narratives, reset self-talk, approach food with neutrality, build confidence, find joyful movement, create sustainable routines and habits that serve you, and ultimately walk towards your Ideal Self and a life lived on purpose.

You have unique needs.

For clients desiring more tailored guidance when it comes to nutrition, we dive into an intuitive eating approach and find ways to fuel your body with compassion and foods that work for you.

For clients desiring a life free from negative self-talk, we unpack the mindset and rewrite the narrative to teach you to be patient and gracious with yourself.

For clients desiring a life free from burnout, we assess the current lifestyle and create sustainable routines that are life-giving as opposed to being life-sucking.

As a Coach, I meet you where you are at and walk with you to where you are going.

It all begins with mindset.

Your mindset has the power to propel you forward…or it has the power to severely limit you, your growth, and your life.

We look inward to go onward – to step into our goals and dreams, to live with intention, and to ultimately live a life on purpose.

The basis of my coaching process begins with gaining clarity on where it is that you’d like to go. Are you ready to stop the fad diets once and for all? Are you looking to gain confidence in your career and life to help you reach your goals? Is burnout getting the best of you? Are you simply ready to stop going through the motions and step into the life you always dreamed of for yourself?

No matter your goals, we begin with going inward. Before you know it, your LIGHT is there…it’s alive and well. And it’s ready to shine for YOU.

Body Positivity Coaching is an approach you likely haven’t tried yet….

…and I totally get it.

You’ve probably tried it all: calorie counting, points, macro tracking, <<insert brand name diet here>> – all of it.

But what if we dreamed a little? What if I told you that you were made for more? That life doesn’t have to revolved around food and potential food situations? That you can learn to love your body, fuel your body with kindness, AND not be in the endless diet cycle?

Break The Cycle!

A major component of what I do as a Wellness and Mindset Coach is teach people how to trust themselves with food. Once we unpack your mindset and dive into your self-talk, we uncover deeply engrained habits that are hindering your wellness and longevity. If you are exhausted with starting & stopping weight-loss programs again and again, have tried the obsessive tracking apps, and have never felt like you could truly stick to the plan…intuitive eating is for you.

Intuitive and mindful eating is a way for you to make peace with food, once and for all. It dispels and challenges deeply engrained diet-culture myths and fads to help you learn how:

  • to fuel your body with foods that work for you
  • learn and trust your body’s natural satiety and hunger cues
  • cope with your emotions with kindness
  • empower you to enjoy food and life again

– 1:1 Coaching –

I am a NASM Certified Wellness Coach and blend my knowledge of mindset, intuitive eating, behavioral change psychology, body positivity, and total wellness to bring you a unique hybrid approach to stepping into your true self.

1:1 Coaching is NOT a quick fix or another diet program. It is grounded in going inward to unpacking harmful narratives and habits so that you can develop tangible wellness habits that stick. Together, we create a lifestyle that is conducive to your wellness and longevity.

A life lived on purpose, free from burnout, and full of joy is accessible to YOU. And it’s waiting for you too.